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Hello World! How appropriate at the moment

Hello World

It’s been sometime since I have written a Blog, in fact it’s been some time since I created some new art! So, I thought I would start to blog again, firstly to keep you up to date with what’s going on and secondly because I am going mad not creating any art at the moment and this is a way of spurring me on…

I renewed my website towards the tail end of last year 2019 and as some of you may know, (if you are a web developer) when you create a website using WordPress the first thing they do when you install a WordPress Template is add a blog page aptly named “Hello World”.

Up to now it has never really occurred to me that those few words would mean so much. Here we are, the world in lock down, who would have thought it! For me, I am locked down in Gibraltar at the moment, not able to get back home to the UK. Ok, it’s not a bad place to be locked down, great weather, people, an amazing Gibraltar Health System and wonderful views across to Spain, but when you don’t have any of your art supplies and canvasses with you, it starts to become a little frustrating.

Getting back to the point of this blog I would like to say ” Hello World”. As an advocate of sustainability, minimalism and reduction in single use plastics, perhaps this is an opportunity for the world to start to heal and now I think its time for me to start putting some inspiration onto canvass and create some curious art for you all to see and enjoy!

So, here’s to the lockdown, a time to reflect, a time to sit back, a time to heal and a time appreciate all that we take for granted.

Thanks for reading,

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