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Martin Beckley

I love art and have been a collector of original artwork for many years. I have always painted in the past, not seriously, just for pleasure, self taught, I love the challenge. By accident I spray painted a series of paintings, a friend saw them and purchased them all, at that point I decided that I wanted to give it a go! Who says its to late to start a new career!

First thing people say to me is “You won’t make money as an Artist”. Yes making money is important we all have bills to pay, but its easier to pay the bills if you are filled with passion, enjoy your lifestyle and do something that makes you smile. Life’s to short to do something you hate.

I have massive plans, I believe that whatever you do you can become successful at. Dream it you can do it!

The story so far… I have decided that for me spray cans and graffiti pens is something I want to work with. It creates vibrancy, great depth and is challenging. I paint what I love and test methods that inspire me.

Within a short time I have sold to clients all over the world including a Tour de France winner, Russian Business Billionaire as well as a Hollywood Film Producer. Not bad for just starting out. I sell through a select number of Art galleries in Gibraltar, Marbella, London and the Netherlands. With plans to do many solo exhibitions and eventually have my own Art Galleries to establish my brand.

I have my second book launching later this year called ’50’. This will be dedicated to my artworks so far!

I trust that you enjoy, if you have any questions or would like to know more about my art, please just ask!

Thanks for your support,

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Martin Beckley

Member Associations:

Gibraltar Fine Arts Association

Benahavis Art Society, Spain (Fine Arts Association)

Contemporary Art Society, London