Artist / Author / Entrepreneur

Welcome to my eclectic digital space, where creativity knows no bounds and passion fuels every endeavor. Here, you’ll embark on a journey through the vibrant tapestry of my artistic expression, from captivating art, through to my expertise in business consultancy and website design.

Discover the Artist Within

Welcome to my corner of creativity, where every stroke of the spray can and every line drawn with POSCA pens tells a story of vibrancy, passion, and introspection. I’m a British spray artist renowned for crafting art that not only captivates the eye but also sparks thought and contemplation

My journey as an artist began with a deep-rooted love for the ocean, surfing its waves and finding inspiration in its ever-changing beauty. It’s from these experiences that I draw my muse, infusing my creations with the fluidity and energy of the sea. Alongside this, the people I admire, their stories, and their journeys often find their way onto my canvas, adding layers of depth and connection to my work.

Having exhibited my art in renowned galleries from London to the Caribbean, and having had the privilege of sharing it with collectors worldwide, I’ve been fortunate to see my passion resonate with others on a global scale.

Beyond the Canvas

But my story doesn’t end with art alone. Beyond the canvas, I’m a multifaceted individual, a successful entrepreneur, leveraging my insights and experience in business to help others navigate the complexities of the corporate world. Additionally, as a website designer, I blend creativity with functionality, crafting digital spaces that mirror the essence of those who inhabit them.

A Foundation of Service

In my earlier years, I found myself in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, where discipline, camaraderie, and a sense of duty shaped my character and instilled in me a relentless drive to pursue excellence in all endeavors.

Discover the Artist Within

So, whether you’re here to explore my art, seek guidance in your business endeavors, or simply connect with a fellow traveler on this journey called life, I invite you to delve deeper into my world. Welcome, and thank you for joining me on this creative odyssey.