London Calling

Stolen Artwork

Unfortunately, I have had three pieces of original artwork stolen, if you find, see or perhaps get offered any of them, please report to the police or contact me. These are one off original pieces, no copies or prints are available. I appreciate your support & vigilance The three artwork […]

Marilyn Monroe

Great Legends Are Made!

These are some of my favourite music and film legends, each piece is striking and colourful and would make a wonderful statement on any wall. Currently working on some new pieces which should be along very soon. Bob Marley – Reggae Legend This wonderful piece of artwork is available to […]

The Big One

6 Amazing Surf Art Pictures

Have you ever surfed? If you have, you will totally understand how it gets under your skin. The power of the ocean, the different landscapes the colours the vibe. Surfing is freedom, it is unlike anything else I have done. I love it because all you need is a board […]

Bob Marley

The Legend Bob Marley Original Artwork

For Sale “Bob” by Martin Beckley. Deep Canvas 60cm x 60cm Original artwork of Bob Marley painted using POSCA pens. This is a personal favourite of mine, he is the true Rasta of Reggae! This original artwork is hand drawn by myself on 100% Cotton Canvas with Posca Pens. Size: […]

The Monkees

The Monkeys Original Artwork

For Sale “The Monkeys” by Martin Beckley 110cm x 81cm Canvas. I love this piece of original artwork, it would look perfect on the wall of a funky apartment, modern house or perhaps the lounge of somebody who loves nostalgia . Inspired by my love of the hit TV series […]

Hello World

Hello World! How appropriate at the moment

It’s been sometime since I have written a Blog, in fact it’s been some time since I created some new art! So, I thought I would start to blog again, firstly to keep you up to date with what’s going on and secondly because I am going mad not creating […]