Wave Art

Hand Sprayed Original artwork by Martin Beckley. Hand sprayed using Montana graffiti spray cans. Spray cans create a unique depth of colour and finish.¬† All artwork supplied by Martin Beckley comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and will be¬†featured in my book ’50’ to be published later this year.

The Barrel 'Original' by Martin Beckley
'The Barrel' Original Artwork 120cm x 40cm x 4cm
Sea Spray 'Original' by Martin Beckley
'Sea Spray' Original on Canvas 80cm x 60cm x 4cm
The Big One 'Original' by Martin Beckley
'The Big One' Original Artwork 80cm x 60cm x 4cm
After The Storm by Martin Beckley
SOLD 'After the Storm' Original On Canvas 60cm x 60cm x 4cm
Last wave of the day by Martin Beckley
'Last Wave of the Day' Original on Canvas 100cm x 71cm x 4cm
Refreshing Cola Original by Martin Beckley
SOLD 'Refreshing Cola' Original Artwork on Canvas 80cm x 80cm x 4cm