Captain Caveman Skimboard Artwoek by Martin Beckley

Captain Caveman on a Skim board!

Remember Captain Caveman? I couldn’t wait until a Saturday morning to see this great 70’s cartoon classic. ‘Cavey’ as he was known was a caveman who could pull various objects from his long body hair, that practically covered his whole body. This time he has pulled out a skim board!

This great “one off” piece of artwork has been hand drawn using graffiti pens onto a marine plywood skimboard. Not only would this look great on any wall, you could if so desired use the board for some great skimming 🙂

Priced at only £250.00, this would make a great statement for any “Cavey” out their. Available to purchase from Martin Beckley | Urban Artist. For more information please do not hesitate to contact Martin

Martin Beckley

Martin Beckley | Urban Artist

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