Martin Beckley and Exposure.Gallery

Back again

Its been sometime since my last post, in fact its been sometime since I have had the opportunity to put spray can to canvas. Its not because I haven’t wanted to, its just that I have been so busy with my other businesses. In fact I have been working on one really exciting opportunity for Artist like you and I.

Are you as an artist, tired of trying to get your artwork into galleries? Do you find a lot of galleries totally un-inspirational? I do, so that is why I have launched Exposure.Gallery

Take a look?

In a nutshell, it is aimed at helping to expose YOUR artwork by:

“Getting you online, helping to raise YOUR exposure through social media marketing, putting YOU in direct contact with your customers, letting YOU be in control. Collaborating on exhibitions, working with partners and partnerships to help sell YOUR artworks”
Want more information as an artist on why you should join.
In the meantime its back to my spray can as I have a few exhibitions lined up this year in London, Marbella, Gibraltar and Geneva.
I look forward to welcoming you on board at Exposure Gallery | The Online Art Gallery

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